Kentlands Citizens Assembly

Board of Trustees

The Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA) is governed by an elected President and a five-member Board of Trustees, who serve staggered two year terms and set policies for the Kentlands. The Board functions as a legislative branch that adopts an annual budget, levies and collects assessments, appropriates funds, and takes other actions as permitted by governing documents. The President serves as a one-person executive branch. Elected for a two-year term, the President oversees the Assembly's management staff, implements Board initiatives, and administers the management and operation of the Assembly on a day-to-day basis. The KCA Board of Trustees can be emailed at

Board of Trustee meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Kentlands Clubhouse and are open to all Kentlands Citizens Assembly residents. Please check the calendar for meeting dates. Approved minutes are available for resident review.  
The Kentlands Citizens Assembly annual meeting is held 2nd Wednesday in October. 
Ty Hardaway: President 
Hi I'm Ty.
I am an artist with a corporate history. I'm a California native. I discovered Kentlands while researching new urbanism for a federal housing revitalization project. My wife and I moved here in 2001. Our child attended both Rachel Carson Elementary and Lakelands Park Middle schools.
I have sat on the Kentlands Board of Trustees during two session and I am now your Assembly President. I am also a volunteer for the City of Gaithersburg Police Advisory Committee and I am a member of the city's Board of Supervisors of Elections among other things.
I hope to help all titleholders find meaningful and safe community here. In partnership with our Trustees and community management, I invite you to let us know how we can best serve the financial and social interests of Kentlands titleholders, their families and guests.
Yamil Hernández: Chair
Yamil and his wife moved to the Kentlands in 2016 from Germantown.  Soon after arriving, he joined the KCA's Budget and Finance Advisory Committee (BFAC) in 2017 for the 2018 budget planning cycle.  He is currently the Chair of the KCA Board of Trustees.
Yamil's professional experience has focused in the development and  commercialization of therapies for patients with rare diseases and the microbiome.   He has held leadership positions in business development & licensing, information  technology, project management, and finance within the pharma/biotech industry.  He  also held a commission in the Coast Guard Reserves, with an activation to  the  Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.
Dave Hofmann: Vice-Chair
David and his family settled in the Kentlands in 2006 following an extended 18 year    residence in China and Hong Kong where he ran several businesses involved in U.S.-   China trade and investment.  He lives in the Hill District with his wife Tara and  their    children Jonathan and Caitlin.  The family is a very  active  participant in the Kentlands Kingfish where Tara has served on the Board. David has actively supported the team behind  the  scenes.
David has extensive business management experience, which he looks forward to sharing with the community in his role as a Trustee.
Asya Smith: Secretary
Asya moved to the Kentlands with her family in 2015 after falling in love with the  neighborhood during a walk after a Vasilis lunch. In the last two years, she has  been a member of the KCA's Budget and Finance Advisory Committee (BFAC). She  has 2 kids in Rachel Carson Elementary School and a son in Quince Orchard High  School.
Asya's professional experience includes leadership positions in IT, operations,  strategic planning, and risk for government contractors, Fannie Mae, Zenith  American Solutions and Xerox. She has an MS in Computer Science and an MBA  from the Johns Hopkins University.
Ken Dretchen: Treasurer
Ken and Johann Dretchen moved to the Kentlands seven years ago.  Prior to that they lived behind Quince Orchard High School but always gravitated to the shopping area and walking trails in the Kentlands vicinity on weekends.  Three years ago, Ken was appointed to serve as the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee which gave him an excellent understanding of the financial underpinnings of the community.  Last year he was joined the Kentlands Community Foundation Board and currently serves as the Treasurer.  In addition, he is a member of the Building 140 Condominium Home Owners Association and serves as the Treasurer.
Ken retired from Georgetown University Medical Center three years ago.  During his 44 years of service to the university he served as the Dean for Research, the Chief Operating Officer for the Medical Center and Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology.
As a new member of the Board of Trustees his goal will be to foster a greater interaction and dialogue between the board and the greater community.
Mary McClung: Trustee
I moved to the Kentlands with my family in the summer of 1999 from Darnestown. My husband and I have three sons and four grandchildren. I’m a retired CPA having spent the final 18 years of my career working in the hospitality industry concluding my time heading a group in accounting which recorded the capital improvements for the largest hotel REIT in the US.
As a Kentlands resident I’m especially concerned about maintaining the community as one of the premier locations in the county. The financial strength of the community is a critical interest given my background and the same for the capital structure of the Kentlands. I’m also interested in improving the relationship with the business district in the Kentlands.  It’s not just about the money, I want to support new and interesting events for our residents.  In retirement, travel and time with grans are my top priorities except for the KCA board of course.