Kentlands Citizens Assembly

Obtaining an Electronic Facilities Pass (EFP)

Are you a new resident to the community, and have not yet obtained an Electronic Facilities Pass (EFP)?
Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA) and the Clubhouse staff would like to welcome you to the community and hope you are enjoying your new home. 
With your new home, you will find some great amenities. These include: 
·         Fitness Center – Open 4am-11pm 
·         Pool Access – Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, 9:30am-9pm
·         Courts – Basketball, tennis, and pickleball
If one or all this interest you, you must have an Electronic Facilities Pass (EFP) to have access to these amenities. Follow the steps below on how to get started:
Step #1. Complete a Kentlands Membership Application Agreement
This form is for staff to keep a record of homeowners, or tenants who reside at the given address. To complete this form, view the following link:
Step #2. Complete a Kentlands Waiver
A Kentlands Waiver is the form that grants permission to use KCA amenities. All residents 18 years of age and older MUST fill out their own individual Waiver. If a household has minors (17 years and younger) residing in the home, all minors must be recorded on the Waiver of one of the minor’s parent’s Waivers. To complete this form, view the following link:
Step #3. If You Are a Kentlands Tenant E-mail a Valid Lease to:
Before moving on to Step #4, confirm the above documents are on file with the KCA Management office by calling the Clubhouse at 301-948-2071, M-F, during business hours.
Step #4. Schedule Your Visit
After providing the necessary documentation, and making my appointment, what should I expect at my visit?
  • Residents 18 yrs. of age and older must have their valid driver’s license with their Kentlands address or Change of Address card if not yet a KCA address.
  • A photo will be taken for everyone receiving an Electronic Facilities Pass (EFP)
  • Receive a Welcome Package.
  • Verification of EFP.
  • Staff will answer any questions you may have.
It is required to schedule a visit to obtain an Electronic Facilities Pass. The visit allows the Clubhouse staff to record and file KMA and Waiver information into KCA records before your arrival. Not only will this help expedite the process but will permit the staff to give you individual attention and answer questions you may have during your visit.
Please understand staff experiences the most traffic at the Clubhouse during pool season, so providing the necessary information prior to your visit will not only allow you to enjoy the amenities without any wait time but will also allow staff to help others in the process of obtaining their EFPs as well. 
We appreciate your understanding.