Kentlands is one of the first and among the most successful communities developed using design and planning techniques known as "neo-traditional" and generally falls under the rubric of New Urbanism.  New urbanism is the concept of building from scratch a walk-able, mixed use city neighborhood or new town that provides an attractive alternative to the spread out, auto-centric, subdivisions common to post World War II suburban America. 
Kentlands is divided into several districts, including "Old Farm", built around the historic mansion and the Kentlands Village Square; "Gatehouse", named after the farm's entry gatehouse, which has been reconstructed; the "Hill Districts"; the "Lakes Districts"; "Kentlands Bluff"; "Midtown/Main Street"; "Market Square"; and "Kentlands Square". The winding street layout is based on a grid pattern, varied as necessary by the requirements of Kentlands topography. Multiple open green spaces and pocket parks have been developed where land was available between the districts or in odd spaces near buildings and dwellings.
Landscaping Announcement
Updated, August 12
On September 3-4, 2020 (weather permitting), Community Landscape Services will be on the property to spot treat the turf for weeds. Once completed, we will post yellow notices in the appropriate locations. Allow treated areas to dry for 1 hour before walking on grass. 
Community Announcements
Board of Trustees Meeting Statement: August 
Updated August, 13 2020
On Wednesday, August 12, the Kentlands Citizens Assembly Board of Trustees (BoT) held an executive meeting via Zoom and discussed the following:
-Legal/Policies with regards to the waiver
- Discussion of contracts
Please be advised, the next BoT meeting will be Wednesday, August 26.
This meeting will have an open session and will cover the waiver. KCA’s attorney will be present to discuss the waiver, and will be available for a Q&A session with our Citizens/Residents.
We want to hear from you! In order to make the meeting as productive as possible, and to ensure we hear your feedback and questions, we have created a short survey to collect questions prior to the Board meeting on the 26th. We highly encourage that you send your questions and may do so here.
Facilities Announcement 
Updated July, 23 2020
Clubhouse Update:
Appointments will need to be made for any in-person Clubhouse services as the office area will remain closed to non-staff entry. For questions that do not require an appointment, please reach out to management. To schedule an appointment please call 301-948-2071. 
Pool Update:
Beginning July 16 the pool will be available for 75 residents to enjoy open swim reservations and lap swim reservations. 50 of which will be through reservation and an additional 25 slots which will be on a first come first serve walk-in basis.  Do not call the Clubhouse for walk-in availability as this information will not be available as slots may fill from the time of the call to actual entry. 
Please do not make reservations if you have not received an Electronic Facilities Pass (EFP).  To obtain an EFP, please call the Clubhouse to schedule an appointment.  EFPs will not be provided at the time of the reservation and you will not be permitted entrance to the pool. 
Lap lane swim: 7-9am. This swim will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 3 lanes will be available for reservations and 3 available for walk-in spots.
Residents may sign up for a total of 6 reservations per session for both lap and open swim.
Please Note: Any reservations past 6 will be automatically deleted without notification. Residents may still be able to use the pool if there is walk-in availability. Residents with reservations that have not checked in within 15 minutes of their reservation time will be considered a no show and the reservation will be canceled.
Residents are required to wear a face mask, sign a KCA waiver, a RSV Pools waiver and have a electronic facilities pass. Without these you will not be permitted entrance. 
The kiddie pool will remain closed and no guests including Lakeland reciprocation will be permitted at this time. There will be a limited amount of chairs available at the pool on a first come first serve basis so residents are encouraged to bring their own chairs.
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.
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