Kentlands is one of the first and among the most successful communities developed using design and planning techniques known as "neo-traditional" and generally falls under the rubric of New Urbanism.  New urbanism is the concept of building from scratch a walk-able, mixed use city neighborhood or new town that provides an attractive alternative to the spread out, auto-centric, subdivisions common to post World War II suburban America. 
Kentlands is divided into several districts, including "Old Farm", built around the historic mansion and the Kentlands Village Square; "Gatehouse", named after the farm's entry gatehouse, which has been reconstructed; the "Hill Districts"; the "Lakes Districts"; "Kentlands Bluff"; "Midtown/Main Street"; "Market Square"; and "Kentlands Square". The winding street layout is based on a grid pattern, varied as necessary by the requirements of Kentlands topography. Multiple open green spaces and pocket parks have been developed where land was available between the districts or in odd spaces near buildings and dwellings.
Beginning on May 28th, 2021 (weather permitting), Community Landscape Services (CLS) will be on the property for organic spring turf applications. Once completed, CLS will post yellow notices in the appropriate locations. 
Community Announcements
May 4, 2021
The KCA would like to update residents on the progress of the tennis and pickleball courts and the basketball court renovations. Please note that courts 1 and 2 are not completed at this time. Once courts 1 and 2 are completed and courts 3, 4 and the basketball court have been started, the community will be notified.
We thank you for your patience as this project is weather dependent and the schedule is subject to change.
Phase 1: Courts #1 and #2
Courts #1 and #2 CLOSED until further notice.
Phase 2: Courts #3 and #4 and the Basketball Court
Courts #3, 4 and the basketball court, TBD.
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.
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