Kentlands Citizens Assembly

Upcoming Events

Short Story Competition
Monday, March 1st to Monday, March 22nd
Short Story Competition:
A short story competition will be held for primary ´╗┐school-aged residents 18 and under.
The competition will consist of two categories, fiction and memoir. Participants may only enter ONE short story in the competition.
Entry Deadline: Monday, March 22
Participants may enter their short story starting March 1 and up until March 22. ENTRIES WILL NOT be accepted after 5pm March 22.
*Winners to be announced April 12*
Interested? Get guidelines and contact information here.
Family Trivia Night
Friday, March 5th, 7:30pm at Held via ZOOM
Family Trivia Night
Duration of game: 90 minutes
Some Quick Notes:
-The game will be hosted through Trivia Hub and will last around 90 minutes. 4 rounds will be played with 6-8 questions per round.
-Winning team will receive a prize!
-If you plan to combine teams this will be done by staying in the comfort of your own home!
-When it comes time to register, register household members ONLY, NOT team members.
Deadline Information:
Registration will close Wednesday, March 3 at 4pm. Any resident interested must be registered in order to participate.
ALL teams must be sent in no later than Wednesday, March 3 by 4pm.
Any team sent in after 4pm will be automatically placed by random selection on the night of the event (see sign up information for details).
*For event and sign up information click here!