Kentlands Citizens Assembly


KCA Standing Committees:
Activities Committee
The Activities Committee advises and assists the management staff in the planning, organizing and facilitating social activities for the Kentlands Citizens Assembly. A primary goal of the committee is to develop a calendar of events that will appeal to the broadest possible spectrum of residents—of all ages—with particular emphasis on family-friendly events that help foster our sense of community and social camaraderie. The committee works with the management staff to schedule, budget, and promote activities as well as locate and manage volunteers necessary for successful operation of activities. 
Board of Code Compliance 
The Board of Code Compliance is charged with investigating and rendering judgments on alleged violations of Community Codes. Judgments may include but are not limited to, the determination of appropriate and reasonable punitive measures such as assessing financial damages or temporarily suspending rights to amenities. The Board of Code Compliance is required to make reasonable attempts to resolve cases of alleged violations through non-formal techniques and to informally resolve conflicts between Citizens in cases involving alleged violations of Community Codes.
Budget & Finance Advisory Committee
The Kentlands Citizen Assembly's  Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing the community finances and advising the Board of Trustees regarding the financial affairs of the Assembly. This committee is also charged  in presenting an annual budget to the Board of Trustees for approval. 
Communication Committee 
This Communication Committee works with the management staff to develop and recommend plans for communication for the community to present to the KCA Board of Trustees and KCA President. The working group considers all liabilities, opt-in and opt-out language, and collection of information.
Election Committee   
The Election Committee is responsible for overseeing the annual community elections.
Environmental Management/Arts & Ornamentation Committee
The Environmental Management/Arts & Ornamentation Committee was established in 1998 by the Board of Trustees of the Kentlands Citizens Assembly. Its purpose is to advise the Board with respect to matters involving the natural environment of Kentlands, emphasizing areas that serve the Kentlands community at large. The Committee also contributes to the enhancement of the community by recommending the installation of public art and street furniture.
Kentlands Historical Trust
The Kentlands Historical Trust (KHT) works with the Town Architect to maintain the visual integrity of the Community. It's role is to make recommendations and decisions on applications for design or visual changes to the exteriors of buildings and lots. This Committee provides interpretive advice to the Board of Trustees and  the Board of Code Compliance to aid in findings on alleged violations of design standards. The KHT is charged with pursuing its duties with the mission of preserving the visual character of Kentlands as it was originally conceived and initially executed. 
Welcoming Committee 
On a regular basis, the Welcoming Committee hosts a Newcomers’ Coffee for all residents who have recently made the Kentlands their home.  This event gives the opportunity for new residents to meet various committee members, board members as well as a chance to get to know other new neighbors like themselves.

KCA Ad Hoc Committees:
Capital Projects Working Group
The Capital Projects Working Group was established to ensure the next 25 years of Kentlands infrastructure thrives as the last 25 years. This group assesses the infrastructure of the community and identifies projects that the KCA may want to address to maintain the Kentlands.
Kentlands Downtown Working Group 
The Kentlands Downtown Working Group (KDWG) was formed to represent the interests of the Kentlands as well as surrounding communities in regard to retail revitalization plans for the commercial shopping centers in the Kentlands and residential development planned for the DIYA property.